Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the rental?

  1. Helmets
  2. Goggles
  3. Full tank of gas
  4. First aid kit

What should I wear?

Weather conditions in the mountains vary, and Red River summers often include afternoon precipitation.  Depending on your elevation or location (shade or sun), conditions can change rapidly from sunny and warm to rain, hail, sleet, or snow.  Clothing layers are your friend! To maintain comfort and safety, consider wearing or bringing these suggested items for each rider on your adventure:

  1. Long Sleeve Shirt, Long Pants
  2. Closed Toe Shoes
  3. Rain Suit
  4. Jacket or coat
  5. Gloves
  6. Sunglasses

What else should I bring?

Below is a suggested list of items to bring on your trip:

  1. Trail map (or purchase one from us)
  2. Water
  3. Sunblock
  4. Camera and/or binoculars
  5. Picnic lunch and/or snacks
  6. Coolers are welcome

Can I ride my ROV on paved streets or roads?

Our ROV(s) are not “street legal”, however the Town of Red River has established ordinances that allow you to drive the ROV on designated roads inside the town limits.  Be sure you fully understand rules, as you are responsible for any moving violations while renting the vehicle.  

Which trails can I access from the rental location?

Observing the Town of Red River rules, you can drive the ROV from the rental location to the trailhead for access to the following trails:

  • Pioneer Trail
  • Mallette Canyon 
  • Greenie Peak (seasonally closes for elk calving)
  • Midnight Meadows
  • Cabresto Canyon
  • Cabresto Lake
  • Goose Lake Trail
  • Old Red River Pass
  • Fourth of July Canyon

For access to other trails outside the Red River area, you are welcome to haul the rental ROV on a flatbed trailer (acquired elsewhere, no towing allowed) to other exciting locations within the state of New Mexico.  We have a few ideas if you want to go this route!

Are reservations required?

Drop ins are welcome, but reservations are highly recommended during the busy summer season. There are many times we book up a couple days out and if you just show up you may not get a machine.

Can my small children participate?

Absolutely!  Participants under the age of 18 are required by NM law to wear a helmet and goggles, which we provide free of charge.  All occupants are required to sign the Rental Agreement and the Participant Release, which must be signed by a legal guardian or parent for minors under the age of 18.

Can my dog participate?

Sure!  Many dogs really enjoy the ride and experiencing the great outdoors.  We don’t have doggie helmets, and you’re of course responsible for the dog’s safety while traveling on the ROV.  

Can my cat participate?

We don’t know many cats who’d be interested in this adventure, but we’re open to meeting the exception.  Again, you’re responsible for the cat’s safety while traveling in the ROV.